The story of Little Moirs began on January 24th, 2002, when The Food Shack opened its doors for the first time to the residents of Jupiter, FL.  The name “Little Moir” came from Mike Moir being the youngest of eight children, plus, he’s a fairly short guy.  From age 14, Mike started his cooking career in the kitchens of Humber College in the Chef de Cuisine program and gained knowledge and respect for worldly cultures by traveling off the beaten pathways and alleys of many foreign lands, ranging from the jungles of Peru to the back streets of Jakarta.  

Over the past decade, Little Moir’s Food Shack has come to be a very popular restaurant for locals and travelers alike.  Our clientele is our most valuable asset.  We are very lucky to have the loyalty of our frequently present patrons (you know who you are).  The slogan from the beginning has been, “From top scholar to blue collar.  Food for all walks of life.”

The menu changes daily but it always showcases our super fresh fish that is uniquely prepared in a style that is truly Little Moir’s.  Our signature dish, Sweet Potato crusted fish over salad, was created spontaneously by Mike on the first day of service and remains the most popular item on our menu.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the product that we plate and pass along to our customers. All of our dressings and sauces are made in house.  Every dessert you see on our menu is homemade.  Along with unique & delicious food, we are happy to offer you a very special and handpicked wine list, as well as locally brewed craft beers.

Throughout the many years of hard work, Little Moir’s Food Shack has been quick to draw local and national attention.  In 2005 The New York Times and Southern Living Magazine caught wind of the delicious plates coming out of our kitchen.  We are proud of, yet very humbled, to have received many awarded and stellar write ups which have been added to our media page. To garner all this great press, it takes a lot of hard work from an elite team.  There is no time to sit idle and content, that’s not the Shack culture.  We are always on the edge, trying new ideas, brainstorming with the team to make that average dish outstanding.  We are always keeping our eyes and nose open for a new spice or ingredient or maybe a new way to prepare a classic. 

Little Moir’s Food Shack stepped it up, when in 2012, we applied for our wholesale & retail fishing license.  With this license, we now have control of the product coming through our doors. We source our fish from some of the most conservation minded fishermen from the Panhandle to Cape Canaveral, the waters right off Jupiter all the way down to the Florida Keys, the west coast of the United States and Central & South America.  We purchase the best fish we can from as far as Scotland and Hawaii.  We purchase the best of what the oceans can provide us with.  Our local fisherman bring us some of the most delicious local fish such as wahoo, tuna, dolphin, golden and gray tilefish, groupers, snappers, cobia, barrelfish, swordfish, and flounder (just to name a few).  Along with the fish we purchase, we source as much fresh and local produce as we possibly can.  We source our microgreens from Totora Microgreens in Hobe Sound, FL, Kissimmee River Mushrooms from Okeechobee, FL and Sebring Blueberries from Sebring, FL.  Now that Florida is producing more local vegetables, we are taking full advantage of that.  Our menu is based daily on what’s available locally and what is being caught.

The Little Moir’s Food Shack team starts with Executive Chef & Owner Mike Moir.  Mike is a Canadian born chef, transplanted to Jupiter, FL in 1990.  Once here, Jupiter became his home.  His efforts to mend his Canadian cultural roots with the tropical cuisine of Jupiter, FL. has made his food unique. The blending together has been seamless.  Mike also instilled a culture of closeness and honesty into Little Moir’s Food Shack which has helped forge a very successful team.  The Kitchen, or back of the house, team is headed by Executive Chef Drew Shimkus, a native Floridian, with whom Mike had been working with for a long time.  Drew is backed by his Sous Chefs Frank Murgio and Beau Grant.  With this strong leadership at the top, everyone in the kitchen knows they are vital to our success.  Our front of the house team is led by Mary Raboni and her assistants Michael Taylor, Martin Cisneros and Amy Munsterman.  The Little Moir’s Food Shack crew is the most determined and dedicated team around.  We could not have gained such a loyal customer base without employees who are dedicated to making our customers’ dining experiences pleasurable.  Drew Shimkus, Mary Raboni and Frank Murgio have been part of the Little Moir’s Family since the first week.  These three individuals have played a huge roll in making the restaurant what it is today.

In our shack, there is never a dull moment and we love it that way!  Always fresh and always fun!