On April 17th, 2008 Little Moir’s Leftovers Café opened its doors in the Abacoa district of Jupiter, FL.  The story behind the name of this restaurant started in an ice cold fridge at Food Shack 5 years earlier. The name came up when Mike “Little Moir” and one of his head chefs, Frank Murgio, where discussing their nightly dinner menu.  Looking around Mike said, “We should call this place leftovers” because of all the odds and ends in there.  Frank said, “That would make a great restaurant name.”  Mike agreed and five years later Little Moir’s Leftovers Café was hatched.

Mike Moir, then 5 years older and married with children, decided that it was great time to open a new business with his wife Vivian. An opportunity arose in the Bermudiana Plaza in Abacoa and they jumped on it.

Like Little Moir’s Food Shack, Little Moir’s Leftovers Café has also been blessed with the most amazing Jupiter clientele.  Though began as a sister restaurant to Food Shack, it has gained its own identity and reputation.  The funky atmosphere and fresh food of Leftovers is less a duplication of the Food Shack culture than a manifestation of Mike’s personality.

When the menu was created a few of the most popular dishes such as the tuna basil roll, sweet potato crusted fish, indoroni and panko fried oysters were brought over.  The head chef at that time Tim Lipman and Mike Moir created the first menu which set the tone for Leftovers Café.  And in keeping with the Little Moir’s tradition, the handwritten menu, which is written twice daily, is full of creative, tasty and well executed choices.  The concept has always been to serve simple, creative, fresh and playful. Our executive chef Drew Shimkus, Head Chef Arturo “Tuna” Serrano, Sous Chef Levi Crockett, and their team push the envelope daily by using the freshest ingredients and most locally sourced produce they can find.  Little Moir’s has a wholesale fish license which enables the restaurants to purchase straight off the boat or next best, purchase from the best distributors from Miami and various different ports around the state.  

Leftovers Café has had many write-ups such as #1 seafood restaurant in Palm Beach County in 2009 by the Palm Beach Post, St Louis Dispatch in 2016, Current Magazine in 2016, Southern Living “Off the Eaten Path” and recently both restaurants received “The Best Mac n Cheese award in Palm Beach County by The Hunger Diaries.  Check out our media page for all the full stories.

From the beginning the team was built around the hard working management crew who came over from Little Moir’s Food Shack, bringing with them the same professional culture with a fun vibe.  Sally Raboni, Tim Lipman, Frank Murgio and George Raboni all proved indispensable years following the restaurant’s conception.  Every good management team has a wonderful, hardworking and loyal crew working alongside of them and this is certainly true of our restaurant.  The front of the house is headed by brother-in-law and sister-in-law Sally Raboni and George Raboni with their assistants Diane Johns and Lindsey Crockett.

We try to stay true to our Jupiter setting by the display of local artists’ works and the nightly presence of local musicians.  Anything that Little Moir’s can do to help better the community, we do.  We love to help the aspiring artist become a known name in the area.

We are very humble for everything we have from our customers to the love the town of Jupiter, Florida has for us.  Being part of a great thing makes you want to help out where you can.  We pride ourselves on being charitable from raising money for needy families, feeding the homeless, autism, breast cancer and our Vets.  It’s the small stuff that we can do that gains us the blessing that we receive on a daily basis.  Whenever we hear of an organization in need, we do whatever is in our power to help them accomplish their goals.

Enjoy your meal!