Located in South Florida,

Little Moirs is a purveyor of local seafood dining establishments based on the local culture of South Florida.

If you haven't been to Leftovers, you’ve probably been to Food Shack, Mike Moir’s first establishment. Mike had no problem rattling off the exact date of Food Shack’s opening, January 24, 2002. About five years later, it was time for Leftovers. A chef first, Mike said “It was a dream, and I was working my way towards that my whole career. That’s all I ever dreamed of — owning my own place.”




Hours: M-Sat 11AM-9:30PM
Phone: 561.627.6030
Fax: 561.627.6935
Email: leftoverscafe@yahoo.com

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Little Moir's Leftovers
451 University Blvd.
Jupiter, Fl. 33458