Alligator Wine is a trio made up from South Florida musicians who share the same taste of music and passion to deliver it to you in a live setting, regardless of instrumenation. We have many instruemental jams in the jazz, funk and blues idiums but feel equally comfotable with covers by such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, BB King, Phish, Wilson Picket, Sublime, Miles Davis, The Band, Jerry Garcia, The Doors, The String Cheese Incident, The Beatles, Albert Collins, The Allman Brothers band and many, many more. The group banded as a guitar/keys/drums trio, aiming at an eclectic sound over familiar tunes, with the bass being covered by keys, but is not limited to the three-piece. If you jam around town and share the same influences as us, come to a show and sit it. We love the organic jam. We like to expand on tunes than just the three and a half minute version you hear on the radio.