• little moir's food shack (map)

Born and raised in South Florida, Guavatron formed in 2013 and began creating their own unique sound. With influences from all spectrums of music, Guavatron emphasizes on fusing genres together with seamless transitions and evolving improvisation.
Shortly after forming, they began playing shows and focused on creating sets that varied from previous shows, giving the audience something new every time. After a couple years of playing shows and writing, they shifted their focus to a self titled studio EP which was recorded at Power Station Recording Studio. With songs such as "Then I Would" and "Hot Sauce", the EP briefly represents the range of Guavatron.
After a successful studio debut, Guavatron is back to writing and playing shows and festivals across the state. Make sure to find your way to the ever evolving dance party that is the essence of Guavatron when they are nearby.